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officeless — your flexible workplace chain operator next door where less is more.

The world is changing, traditional office space is left behind

We offer a high level of tech, service and design at a fair price. Energy, collaboration and professional growth are invaluable. The unique ecosystem with reliable providers and verified services will help you stay focused on core business.

Our residents are the center of gravity in each location

We are empowered by the individuality of each of our residents. A new era business community is formed while networking in informal settings. Don’t wait for a revolution, be one.

The ecosystem helps residents to forge new ideas and relationships that move the community forward

Not only we are creating an ecosystem that embodies all the business segments, but we also provide a solid platform that allows integration of goods and services from our partners on best terms.

See you in officeless!

Allow us to cure your operational headache going forward with no hidden costs, with an all-inclusive package, one operator to deal with and multiple locations across Moscow and St Pete.

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Our office in Moscow:
Milyutinsky Lane, 13c1, 101000

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